Old Bones – Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

1 August 2019

Old Bones

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

‘You can’t upset anyone looking into old bones.’

DCI Bill Slider’s out of favour in the force – for accusing a senior Met officer of covering up an underage sex ring. As a punishment, he’s given a cold case to keep him busy: some old bones to rake through, found buried in a back garden, from a murder that happened two decades ago, and with most of the principal players already dead.

Surely Bill Slider can’t unearth anything new or shocking with these tired old bones?

‘Cynthia Harrod-Eagles has done a good job of making her hero a no-nonsense, everyday kind of bloke – readers who enjoy the subtle nuances of flawed reality will again relish her pace and polish’ Chicago Tribune

‘The British police procedural remains one of the richest subgenres in crime fiction and Harrod-Eagles’s Bill Slider series has quietly worked its way close to the top of the heap’ Booklist

‘Harrod-Eagles graces her narrative with a quiet wit that makes the book a pleasure to read’ Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles is the author of over 90 books, including the internationally acclaimed Bill Slider mysteries and her Morland Dynasty series, which has sold over 100,000 copies.